St Francis Xavier, Gardiner Street, Dublin hosts ECI Climate Justice Candle!

Gardiner Street 1Gardiner Street Parish is located in the heart of Dublin’s inner city, and only this year, made the decision to embark on the Eco-Congregation journey.

As part of the Season of Creation, the parish hosted the climate justice candle during its weekend mass celebrations (September 17-18th). Wrapped in white and surrounded by flowers and green foliage, the candle was lit and processed up the church aisle. The celebrant Fr. Gerry Clarke referred to the candle and the importance of climate justice and earth-care during the homily and the mass. He drew on St. Matthews Gospel, the Gospel reading for that weekend, which calls on us all to forgive. We have been destroying Mother Earth, and she may not be able to forgive. Fr. Clarke reminded the congregation that we have to convert and follow Pope Francis’ call to urgently care for our common home. The choir sang the well known hymn ‘Christ be our Light’.

Commenting on the climate justice candle initiative, Fr. Clarke said that he was grateful that the parish had the opportunity to take part, and how hosting the candle provided a good reminder to parishioners of the need to take better care of the natural world. Gardiner St. Parish are taking active steps towards becoming an eco-parish; recycling is now widespread in the parish and wider Jesuit community, and earlier this year, the parish hosted a community street clean.

Gardiner Street 3