We encourage parishes and faith communities to take steps in four areas to become more environmentally aware and eco-friendly:

  • Practical
  • Spiritual
  • Community
  • Global

Getting Started

An Introduction to Eco-Theology by Rev Andrew Orr, Chair of ECI

Useful Eco Tips

Ready to get started?

Each section below can be downloaded as a Word Document

Section 1

Environmental Check Up for Your Church
An aid to identifying a church’s current environmental practice and developing priorities for action.

Choose from:

Section 2

Celebrating Creation!
Ideas and resources for worship

Section 3

Creation and Christianity
Some green theological perspectives

Section 4

Acorns to Oaks
Ideas and activities for children’s work

Section 5

Tread gently – go green
Ideas and activities for youth groups

Section 6

Exploring God’s green word
An address and two sets of Bible studies for house groups

Section 7

Greening the cornerstone
Guidelines on caring for church premises

Section 8

Greening the purse strings
Management of financial, catering and purchasing matters

Section 9

Planting and conserving Eden
Practical ideas and advice to care for church grounds and land

Section 10

Green choices
Information and suggestions to green personal lifestyles

Section 11

Community matters
Ideas to help churches work with, through, and for their local communities

Section 12

Global neighbours
Sources and resources to help churches think globally and act globally

Section 13

Climate Change — Can I make a difference?                                                   Facts about climate change in Ireland and overseas, a theological response to climate change and advice on how to reduce carbon consumption