ECI Climate Justice Candle visits Dromantine Eco-Spirituality Group, Newry

Dromantine eco spirituality group 2

Margaret O’Hare from the Dromantine Eco-Spirituality Group sent ECI this report:

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” by Robert Swan OBE.

In August 2017, Fr.Paddy O Rourke SMA formed our group here at Dromantine. A gathering of people who were interested in how to best live our relationship with God, each other and with Creation. We meet on a monthly basis with a opening prayer and reflection. We focus generally on the following issues: waste management, energy conservation, biodiversity, networking and organic gardening.

Over the past two years through the leadership at Dromantine, we have made changes to reduce carbon emissions.

  1. We have introduced recycling and encourage others to recycle newspapers-glass-batteries-plastic-ink cartridges-cardboard and tin.
  2. We have cut down on food waste. Our food scrap such as vegetables, tea bags, crushed egg shells etc., are used in our organic compost.
  3. Changing lights to energy saving lights.
  4. Solar Panels have been installed.
  5. Heating- This is managed on a day to day basis depending on the volume of people within the whole of the building.
  6. Managing more efficiently company vehicles by cutting down the use of fuel to reduce the air pollution.
  7. Insulation of walls in St. Colemans block.
  8. Encourage everyone to turn off of lights.
  9. Planting trees.

We feel, what we have achieved within the past two years, will have made an impact on climate change. If we, along with individuals, communities and parishes all take steps like this, we all will be reducing energy and saving money. Less energy use means, less dependence on fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. It is our vision to continue and explore what more we can do in Dromantine and in our own homes to conserve energy.

Dromantine eco spirituality group 1

With hosting the climate justice candle here we are showing that we support and encourage others to shine a light on climate justice.

The map of the world which sits behind the candle reminds us of those countries already feeling the impact of man-made climate change. The effects of climate change are felt by people who are least responsible for causing the problem. They are bearing the burden of our actions and consumption of our planet resources.

Our Eco-Spirituality Group at Dromantine only represents a fraction of groups, communities around the world making a stand to make changes.

Finally, a quote by President Obama sums this all up:  ‘We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it’.