ECI Climate Justice Candle visits Westport Eco-Congregation

Caroline Goucher sent ECI this report; Westport Eco-Congregation hosted the ECI Climate Justice Candle for Season of Creation with Holy Trinity and in St Mary’s Parish Churches, with celebration and awareness of Care for our Common Home at numerous events. On the 24th of September, their main event was held in Westport Townhall, where Lorna Gold and Saoirse McHugh addressed a full house and inspired the parish on the hope we can have for the advocacy and protection of our planet and the actions we can take in this time of turbulence and uncertainty. Eunice Hall and Michael Hall (Principal of Sligo Grammar) parishioners of St. Salvator’s, Donagh Parish in Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, were present on the night and the candle was passed over as it transverses the parishes of Ireland on its ecumenical journey.