ECI Climate Justice Candle visits Sligo Grammar School

On Friday 27th September Eco-Congregation Ireland’s Climate Justice candle was lit in Calry Church at a Special Assembly focussing on climate change. In Calry Church the students and staff of Sligo Grammar School gathered to witness the lighting of the candle in Sligo before it moves on to the Diocese of Clogher in Monaghan. During the service led by Canon Patrick Bamber, the Headmaster, Mr Michael Hall, addressed the students on the challenges of reversing climate change, and the responsibility of each individual to make the small changes needed to do this. The school choir sang the lovely hymn “Morning has Broken “ as the candle was lit and prayers were read by students. The Grammar School is very proud to be part of this initiative as it is beyond doubt that climate change and global warming are the greatest challenges facing our students as they look towards the future. The candle’s visit proved to be instrumental in reinvigorating the school’s Green School Policy and climate strategy.