In Memory of Anne Primavesi

Anne Primavesi noted scholar and author died on May 4th 2019. Born in Dublin, Anne (Sheridan) Primavesi, joined the Holy Faith Congregation. Following her marriage to Mark Primavesi, Anne (with Mark’s great support) continued her commitment to spirituality, theology and ecology through her many published works, seminars, lectures, and study days in Europe and around the world.  Several Irish and other European congregations were privileged to have her speak at their events. In September 2012 Anne spoke at the inaugural conference of Eco-Congregation Ireland. The title of her Lecture: Listening to the Future Listening to the Present, focussing on the need to cultivate unity. Beyond Ireland, many deeply appreciated her ground breaking work on the relationship between ecology and theology. As some have remarked since her death, she was way before her time, having been deeply influenced by James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis in relation to feminist theory and theology.

As well as her scholarship and her expertise in theology, ecology and their relationship Anne will be remembered for her simplicity, her kindness and her deep compassion for the whole community of life.

Gabrielle Stuart