ECI Climate Justice Candle visits Lowe Presbyterian Church, Belfast

On Sunday 23rd February 2020 Lowe Church welcomed the ECI Climate Justice Candle at both morning services. This was their first ‘Eco Sunday’ and Joe Furphy (member of Lowe and long-time member of the ECI committee) introduced the candle to the congregation and explained why it was created (to highlight God’s world and what we can do for it) and the symbolism on the candle.

To tie in with hosting the candle they were fortunate to have Helen Newell from Christian Aid speak on the issue of climate justice. She emphasised how climate change was affecting the lives and livelihoods of the world’s poorest people. The focus of Christian Aid’s campaign this year is climate change, ‘speaking truth to power’ and petitioning the government for a new deal for climate justice. The prayer room has been set up with an eco-theme, highlighting some of the countries worst affected by climate change and also challenging members to give up one plastic habit for Lent.

Members felt it was a privilege to join with other churches in hosting the candle as they try to become a more eco-friendly church.