A Reflection by Carmel Bracken RSM, Northern Province of the Sisters of Mercy

Presence to Earth: A 2020 Vision

Earth has been sending us

Alarming distress signals

For many years now

Calling us to awaken

And change our ways.

For a multitude of reasons

We looked away

Unable or unwilling

To halt business as usual

Though knowing deep within

That we had disrupted nature’s capacity

To create conditions conducive

To all of life. 

What if 2020 is truly offering us

The gift of clearer vision?

What if the invisible Covid-19 virus

Is making visible

The invisible viruses

Held within an outdated worldview

Viruses that are the root causes

Of global problems and catastrophes.

The virus of thinking we are separate from nature

The virus of believing we can control her

The virus of believing she is a machine

That we can manipulate.

The virus of thinking she is a dead thing

We can mine and frack at will?

What if the coronavirus pandemic

Is apocalyptic in its deeper meaning?

A revelation and unveiling.

A lifting of the veil

Of all that has been hidden

A lens bringing into focus

What we need to let go of

So a better world can emerge

A world that enables the flourishing

Of the whole community of life.

Our 14 billion year evolutionary journey

Has always been punctuated by jump times

When crises have been drivers for

Extraordinary change and creativity

Pushing life toward greater complexity

Increased diversity and connectivity

And deeper levels of consciousness.

NOW is our jump time.

As we emerge from this strangely surreal time

The quality of our presence to earth

May well determine whether we earthlings

Make it through this jump time. 

May we know her

As our teacher and mentor

Valuing what we can learn from her

Not what we can extract from her.

May we look to her as Source

Not resource

Knowing she is the sacred matrix

In which we are all embedded

And upon whom we profoundly depend.

May we become re-enchanted with nature

Knowing earth as a living spiritual being

Trusting the Divine intelligence

That is in everything

Opening to her alchemical powers

Of transformation and healing. 

As we become present to her energies

Pulsing through us

May we discover that the

Light in our own depths is

A spark of the world soul

The Anima mundi  

As we deepen our ability

To be present to earth

May we know that everything

Is an expression

Of a Oneness that is dynamically alive.

May we learn to communicate with

The consciousness of Earth

And all sentient beings. 

Truly sensing that

we are cosmic stuff

embedded in the ecology

of the Whole

Thus, becoming a gateway

for the presencing of the Whole

allowing the fire of creation to burn

and enter the world through us  

Enabling the next step of evolution.