Latest news from the Parish Church in Portumna

David Frizelle from the Parish Church in Portumna sent ECI this update:

Even after two months, the bee, butterfly and bug population has increased as the occupants rush from bloom to bloom enjoying the new abundance of flowers in the area.  However, biodiversity does not stop here.  Throughout the grave yard, the area is treated with MO Bacter.  This is a wholly organic moss killer that has the added effect of feeding the grass and soil.  As the moss dies, it feeds the lawn so hence no black debris and without the need to scarify.  This spring/summer has been ideal as the product is only active after temperatures have risen above 10o and has the added benefit of not harming animals and the environment. Weed control in other areas or the grounds is simply by manual removal. In the long term, Christ Church is exploring ways of heating the church by harnessing natural energy either by solar or air.  A young enthusiastic eco-engineer from Cork has undertaking this research and hopes to have a plan in place early June. The photo below shows the congregation of Christ Church Portumna pictured in front of their uncultivated corner.