Bee Hotels from St Anne’s Parish, Shankill

Katharine Davey from St Anne’s Parish, Shankill sent ECI this update:

We have two items from St Anne’s parish, Shankill, which also includes members of our sister group, SAGE, Shankill Action for a Green Earth.

From the beginning of this year we have tried to have some presence outside the Dail between 1pm and 2 pm on Fridays, as part of ‘Fridays for Future’, initiated by Greta Thundberg. Normally, at present, there are three or four SAGE members and the total number of demonstrators varies between 15 and 150 depending on the number of school children and others present. We also took part in the big turnout on 15th March, when the young people featured prominently.

Another initiative was to make and give away bee hotels on the main road, opposite St Anne’s Church. This was to sensitise people to the urgent need for pollinators to have more habitat available. We are also in the process of planning to plant bee-friendly plants and shrubs in the church grounds with a grant towards this from DLRCoCo. This we hope to do during Creation Time in September.