Latest News from the Care for the Earth Ministry Group, St Joseph’s Parish, Bonnybrook

Margo Delaney sent ECI this reflection on the things we might want to keep doing; earth centred activities and the future:

Things you might want to keep doing:

This has been a time for reflection, reading and prayer. Continue to set aside time for these and deepen an ecological consciousness.

Continuing to participate in current events focused on raising awareness of necessity to care for earth, our common home such as:

  • Global Catholic Justice Movement Laudato Si’ May 16th – 24th
  • Love Letter to Mother Earth event on May 24.
  •  Living the Laudato Si’ Pledge


Linked up with Downey and Youell challenging essay, “Let’s Bypass Business as Usual and Create the Next System”.

Invited others to join in these events to so we are gathered into “quickening struggle for justice in a sacred universe” (input by Mary Ellen Tucker at Laudato Si’ Week).

Most of all, tending Care for the Earth Wildflower Garden and maintaining the initial efforts to create a sensory garden.

It was a joy to have been invited by ECI and be facilitated by Fr Joe Jones, Moderator of Bonnybrook parishes, in creating our virtual ECI Climate Justice Candle Bonnybrook Parish, Coolock, Dublin and the planting of a cooper maple tree in the church compound to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mother Earth Day, April 22nd

Joined (by webcam) in the special liturgy in our church, prepared by Fr Joe Jones for the opening of Laudato Si’ Week :introduction, Prayers of the Faithful and music – “Creation” by Marty Haugen, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” by Donovan and “All You Works of God” by Marty Haugen –   all focused-on care for the earth our common home.

Contributed to our Irish Region’s COVID 19 Newsletter which highlighted the work we have been doing in our gardens as members of Holy Faith Eco-congregation.

Looking to the future:

  • Celebrating a special Eucharist on May 24th to mark the ending at of Laudato Si’ Week, May 24th
  • Linking in “Love Letter to Mother Earth” concert at Margaret Aylward Centre, Glasnevin
  • Gathering our Care for the Earth Ministry Group once COVID 19 restrictions allow