Blessington Parish hosts an ECI VIRTUAL Climate Justice Candle!

Carmel O’Neill sent ECI this update:

During the weeks of lockdown due to Covid 19 , Fr Richard and Pastoral worker Aine Egan set up a weekly prayer service with parents and their children on the Blessington parish webcam.

On Thursday 11 June Carmel O Neill took the opportunity to speak to the children on ways in which they can encourage bees and butterflies into their gardens. In the weeks following lockdown there had been a noticeable increase of bumble bees, possibly due to the good weather but also helped by the the fact that there was less cutting and strimming of roadside verges.

Carmel recommended some easy to grow annuals and suggested grouping them in large bold groups to attract the bees. Emphasis was placed on the importance of leaving dandelions to flower as they are an important source of nectar. Other suggestions included tips on how to grow a wildflower patch, where to erect bird boxes and most importantly avoiding sprays that contain glyphosphate.

It is also a good idea to leave an untidy patch in the garden to help the survival of the bumble bee in the winter months. A tidy garden is not always the best garden! The prayer service concluded with prayers for the environment which the children themselves submitted for the prayer service.