ECI Climate Justice Candle Visits Christ Church Presbyterian, Rathgar

Clerk of Session, Paul Fry

Rev Purvis Campbell sent ECI this report:

The ECI Climate Justice Candle visited Christ Church Presbyterian for their service on December 12th 2021. 

A group of three young people took part in an interactive reading about Creation, and one of our members read the poem For weavers everywhere It was moving – and whole congregation was silent throughout.  

We used the Creation Hymn, and then followed the lectionary reading for the Third Sunday of Advent.

We considered that caring for creation will involve us all and is a challenge to corruption and the abuse of power in society. The journey to social justice will be a long and demanding road. 

Afterwards we had a social event in the Village Square in front of the church, with Christmas music and snacks.  

A memorable day!